BIG WIPES Green Top 4×4 Biodegradable Multi Antibacterial Surface Cleaner Bucket of 150 wipes 2447 0000

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For a more green solution to industrial clean-up, these multi-surface bio wipes are perfect for cleaning hands, surfaces, and tools. Designed for the removal of non-hazardous substances, these wipes will biodegrade in general waste, or break down in compost.
Gentle on the skin, Big Wipes are formulated with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to clean without drying out the skin.
Cleans: Paint; Adhesives; Silicone; Epoxy; PU Foam; Oil; Grease; Grime
Conforms to EU Regulation 1223/2009

Features and Benefits:

Biodegradable, water-based solution is dermatologically tested and suitable for most skin types
Offers up to 99% bacterial protection
Contains four skin conditioners to protect and repair the skin
Convenient pre-moistened wipes with no water required

Bucket of 150 wipes