BIG WIPES Power Spray Pro+ Antiviral Cleaning Spray 1 litre 2448 0000

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Big Wipes Power Spray Pro+ is a powerful, fast-acting, biodegradable, antiviral and antibacterial specialist cleaning solution which contains the PRO+ grime-busting formula as used in all Big Wipes. The unique formulation contains four cleaning detergents to guarantee the quick and effective breakdown and removal of unwanted muck and grime such as; paint, adhesives, oil, sealants, silicones, gap fill, PU foam and more from hands, tools and surfaces. Ideal for pre-treating large surface areas such as; walls, doors, floors, counters, equipment/machinery, worktops or window frames before wiping clean.

Use the Power Spray in conjunction with all Big Wipes to keep them juiced and cleaning for longer, saving wipes, waste, time and money! Very effective when left to soak on impossible-to-remove dirt allowing the cleaning agents to dissolve and digest the muck before wiping away with ease! Dermatologically tested with FOUR skin conditioners to protect and nourish hands, ideal for tradespeople on the move. Free of artificial preservatives, parabens and sulphates.