Milwaukee Big Hawg Hole Saw 92Mm 4932464833

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The Milwaukee 4932464933 Holesaw 92mm diameter is part of BIG HAWG™ range – featuring Carbide Teeth gives users 50X life. Those holesaws are able to cut 1000+ more nails than the competition. 10X larger Carbide Teeth rip through materials 5X faster while deeper slots make for fast and easy plug removal. BIG HAWG with Carbide Teeth allows users to cut through the toughest materials including nails, cement board, shingles and plaster.

Largest Carbide Teeth

1. For ultimate durability: by increasing the brazing surface the BIG HAWG with Carbide Teeth has a stronger and more durable tooth bond.
2. Fastest cuts in nail embedded wood: larger teeth will cut faster as they remove material in larger chunks.

Features and Benefits:

Aggressive tooth geometry for greater cutting speed
Cuts up to 600 holes in wood without needing to be re-sharpened
Deeper slots for easy plug removal to increase productivity on the job site
Clearance pockets for better chip removal and faster drilling
Enlarged braze surface for stronger bond to the Carbide Teeth
Teeth can be re-sharpened with diamond file


Diameter: 92mm
Max Cutting depth: 60mm
No of teeth: 3