MILWAUKEE Circular Saw Blade For Mitre Saws W 254 x 30 x 3.0 x 60ATB NEG

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PTFE coating: Cuts cooler, non stick for quicker cuts. Protects against corrosion and accumulation of resin.
Laser cut vibration slots: Low vibration and increased accuracy. Slots are filled with polyurethane and act as shock absorbers by isolating the teeth from vibration.
High grade laser cut steel: Guaranteed accuracy.
Premium cobalt infused tungsten carbide: Sharp and clean cuts.


All Wood Types: ✔
Blade Diameter (Mm): 254
Bore Size (Mm): 30
Cutting Width (Kerf) (Mm): 3.0
Hook Angle: -5°
No. Of Teeth: 60
Pack Quantity: 1
Tooth Form: ATB