Milwaukee M12 2.0 AH Battery M12B2

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The Milwaukee 12V 2Ah Battery features REDLINK intelligence that provides an overload protection to prevent damage to the user’s cordless power tools. The battery also features a temperature management system which keeps the battery at the ideal temperature alongside individual cell monitoring which helps to provide maximum battery life whilst also preventing cell damage. The remaining charge of the battery can be seen on the fuel gauge.

The battery provides tools with up to 2X more run time, 20% more power, and up to 2X more recharges when compared with other Lithium-Ion technologies and / or with previous MILWAUKEE battery technology. Results depend on voltage, tool and application.


Voltage: 12 V

Battery Capacity: 2 AH

Charge Time With M12-18AC: 55 min

Charge Time With M12-18FC / M12-18SC: 26 min

Charge Time With C12C / M12C4 / M12-18C: 40 min