Milwaukee M12 Sub Compact Stapler M12BST-0

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The Milwaukee stapler offers the ultimate in precision and power when looking for the best performing staple gun. Thanks to patented ready to fire technology, the stapler eliminates ramp-up time between each discharge. With an 89 magazine capacity, and the power to fire up to 1500 staples on a full charge with a 1.5Ah battery, this stapler allows you to work quickly and accurately. Working with standard T50 staples from 6 to 14mm, the stapler uses dry fire lockout technology to ensure that the stapler ceases firing when completely empty.


Voltage: 12 V

Cycle Rate: 140 min

Magazine Capacity: 89

Staple Capacity: 6 / 14 mm

Staple Strip Width: 10.6 mm

Staple Strip Length: 6 – 14 mm

Battery not included

Body Only