US PRO 10pc 1/4″, 3/8″ & 1/2″ Dr Triple Square Bit Sockets in Case 3993

£14.50 Inc. VAT


Triple Square Bit Sockets are often required for work with vehicles from European automotive manufacturers, such as the VW Group, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and others.
Triple Square bits are suitable for use with XZN® fixings.

CR-V sockets with S2 HRC 56-62 Bits

1/4″ Dr: M4, 5, 6 (Length 37mm)
3/8″ Dr: M8, 9, 10 (Length 48mm)
1/2″ Dr: M12 (length 55mm)
1/2″ Dr Tamper Proof: M14, 16, 18 (Length 55mm)

Supplied in storage case