US PRO 12pc Gear Ratchet Combination Wrench Set Metric 8-19mm 3594

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A 12 piece set of top grade, industrial quality gear ratchet combination wrenches in metric sizes from 8mm to 19mm.

The jaws have been precisely ground to exact nominal size for accuracy, optimum contact and for non-damaging and safe working. The unique pawl geometry optimises the working angle and a movement of only 5 degrees is required to turn the gear ratchet, especially useful when working in confined areas. The ratchet drive has 12 points to achieve an accurate fit to the bolt head, the 72 teeth gear mechanism transfers the force smoothly. A one-piece, ergonomic, forged profile makes for an easy and comfortable operation while the geometry allows for substantial force to be applied. Made from CR-V, hardened to HRC 40-55 standard and chrome plated for corrosion protection.

• Top grade industrial quality, built for hard, continuous use
• CR-V, Hardened to HRC 40-55, chrome plated
• Precisely ground jaws to exact nominal size
• Only 5 degrees movement required
• 72 teeth gear mechanism
• 12 Point
• Unique pawl geometry optimises the working angle
• Ergonomic profile

The set contains gear ratchet combination wrenches in the following sizes and lengths:
8mm x 150mm
9mm x 162mm
10mm x 169mm
11mm x 188mm
12mm x 198mm
13mm x 207mm
14mm x 225mm
15mm x 235mm
16mm x 245mm
17mm x 265mm
18mm x 270mm
19mm x 285mm
All lengths are approximate.

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