US PRO 99pc HSS-G xtra Metric Drill Bit Set 2447

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A metric high quality drill bit set for alloyed and unalloyed steels. With a precision ground tip, split point and 135° angle makes these DIN 338 bits very precise for centring during spot drilling. Suitable for drilling cast iron, iron, non ferrous metals and steel.

The set contains:
1.5mm x 16pc
2.0mm x 16pc
2.5mm x 15pc
3.0mm x 10pc
3.2mm x 10pc
3.5mm x 8pc
4.0mm x 8pc
4.5mm x 3pc
5.0mm x 3pc
5.5mm x 2pc
6.0mm x 2pc
6.5mm x 2pc
8.0mm x 2pc
10.0mm x 2pc

• HSS-G Xtra
• High quality
• DIN338 Standard
• Fully ground
• 135 degree split point
• Precise
• Durable
• Supplied in metal storage case

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Weight 1.500 kg