US PRO Fiat Ford 1.2l 1.4l VVT Timing Kit – Ka – 500 Panda Punto Doblo 7156

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This kit is for locking the camshaft and crankshaft in place while you change the timing belt and perform other repairs on Fiat Ford engines.

The kit consists of crankshaft locking tool, camshaft setting plate and
belt tensioner adjuster for the 1.2 engine, and additional sprocket locking tool and alignment fixture for the camshaft on the 1.4 VVT engine.

Fiat models:
500 (07-12),
Doblo/Cargo (05-10),
Grande Punto (07-12),
Idea ((04-12),
Linea (07-11),
Panda EVO2 (05-11),
Punto EVO (09-12)

Fiat engines:
1.2/1.2 Duralogic 169A4.000, 188A4.000 (EVO2 only), 199A4.000, 1.4/1.4 Bi-Fuel LPG/1.4 Natural Power CNG 199A7.000, 350A1.000

Ford models: Ka (09-12)
Ford engines: 1.2 Duratec 169A4.000 (FP4)

Lancia models: Ypsilon (06-11), Musa (05-12)
Lancia engines: 1.4/1.4 Bi-Fuel LPG, 350A1.000

Crankshaft Locking Tool – OEM Code: 303-1480
Camshaft Setting Tool – OEM Code: 303-1479
Camshaft Sprocket Locking Tool – OEM Code: 303-1477
Camshaft Cover Aligner – OEM Code: 303-1478
Tensioner Adjuster