WONDER GRIP WG-318 Aqua Size 10/xL WG318101

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The Wonder Grip WG-318 Aqua is a double latex fully coated glove, constructed on a 13-gauge nylon liner. Thanks to Wonder Grip Technology, the coating brings an unparalleled grip and strength in dry or wet environments. The WG-318 Aqua is 100% waterproof, keeping the user’s hands dry and comfortable. It is our preference in terms of grip and flexibility in wet environments. It guarantees comfort and grip while maintaining an excellent level of flexibility.

Key Features:

Ultra-flexible latex coating with superior grip on the palm for improved comfort and protection in wet conditions.
Water-repellent coating with a natural fit, for continuous comfort over long periods of use
Ultimate grip performance for safe and precise handling in wet environments
Cushioned on the palm, offering the wearer improved comfort and protection

Type Of Protection:

General purpose


Public authorities
Food industry
Waste management
Mining industry

Size: 10/XL
1 x Pair