WONDER GRIP WG-555 Duo Size 9/L WG555091

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The Wonder Grip WG-555 Duo is based on our innovative DuaLiner: the nylon knit wrist goes up to the middle of the hand to ensure a snug and secure fit, while the breathable microfiber knit liner for the knuckles and fingers provides excellent dexterity, softness and fingertip precision. WG-555 Duo’s breathable foam nitrile coating contributes towards keeping your hands dry and maintains a great grip in a wide variety of applications, helping you overcome work challenges every day.

Key Features:

Ultra-lightweight microfiber and nylon yarn combined liner, engineered to accelerate the sweat evaporation process
Freedom of movement on the upper part of the hand and a snug fit on the wrist, ensuring an excellent level of sensitivity and comfort
Proprietary foam nitrile coating, providing a secure grip in wet and slightly oily environments
Anatomically engineered, reducing hand fatigue and ensuring an ultimate level of precision and comfort

Type Of Protection:

General purpose


Mechanical industry
Food industry

Size: 9/L
1 x Pair